Practice Labs User Guide

Welcome to the Practice Labs User Guide.



The Practice Labs platform offers an environment where you can access live IT systems in real time. We use real Cisco hardware and virtualized Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems hosted on VMware and Hyper-V, all accessible via a web browser.

Practice Labs makes it easy for you to put learning into practice in a safe environment that you can access anytime with a compatible PC, Browser and Internet connection.


Version History

Version Changes Published
3.0 Introduction of new Data Centre and associated connectivity documentation. Updates to Password Requirements, Copy and Pasting between devices and Bandwidth Requirements. 07/05/2020
2.6 Network Troubleshooting and Diagnostics guide added into ‘Connecting to our Devices’ section. 09/04/2020
2.5 Various screenshots updated to reflect platform UI updates. Added new RDP client ‘Connect’ section and information. 05/07/2019
2.4 Added Appendix C section on connection technologies. Added Login section in Introduction. 04/12/2017
2.3 Minor responsive changes. Screenshots updated inline with platform update. Smooth scrolling added when navigating. 30/11/2017
2.2 Copyright and Legal information added. Updates to navigation bar and table accessibility. 13/11/2017
2.1 Active link added to Navigation Bar and Aria Page Roles added for improved accessibility. 01/11/2017
2.0 Updated screenshots with higher resolution versions and fixed row layouts. 23/10/2017
1.1 Updated Device Control graphics, Console Mode, Persistent Lab controls, updated references to being able to save Labs. 19/09/2017
1.0 History of changes table added. Full revision of document in line changes to GUI as at Publication date. 14/12/2016